Lead Graphics Engineer
International startup MyBuddy.ai is looking for
Lead Graphics Engineer for iOS / Android App

Are you ready to be responsible for our whole graphic world?
We help children practice spoken English with AI and voice technologies. MyBuddy.ai is Startup World Cup 2019 and Voice Summit 2019 finalist, #1 app for children and #1 educational app for iPad. We support the US, China, Korea, Russia, Latin America, and Spain.

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1255783056
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai.mybuddy.talkingflashcards_new&hl=en
MyBuddy.ai — voice-based AI English tutor for kids
A few reasons to join us
Moving fast
MyBuddy.ai – international fast-growing startup, not a slow boring tech giant. We run fast and use cutting-edge and state-of-the-art development practices. It's your chance to join AI-unicorn at the beginning!

Neither game or app
We aren't another game-dev company or learning language app. Buddy is a unique mix of artificial intelligence, education techniques, and game. If you are tired of useless entertainment companies – join our mission to give spoken English practice to over 500 million children around the world.
Job Vacancy
As a Lead Graphics Engineer, you will be part of our agile, cross-functional and international development team.
Examples of tasks
Character Lighting
To set up the light in the App in order to properly illuminate the character and location. Light should look cool and even iPhone 6 Plus can make it look cool.
Character recoloring in real-time
Create a system where character recoloring is done with code, not with many textures along. The final picture is juicy: character in white, grey, black, blue, red, yellow and purple colors is good-looking and cool and doesn't lose his main characteristics.
New gameplay visualization
New gameplay: little pieces appear on-screen when the user says something. Then they fly away and load a progress bar. The size and quantity of these pieces depend on the volume of incoming audio. Your task is to create the appearance, flying off and accumulation of pieces. The final picture must be fascinating and breathtaking and all of it should work on iPhone 6 Plus.
Zelda shader
Make 2D surfaces emulate 3D: a character with specular reflections and rim lighting.
Finalization and optimization of models and textures
Optimize 200 models and finalize 200 textures for best quality (A+)
iOS / Android Optimization
Optimize whole game graphics so it can work on iPhone 6 Plus

Knowledge and skills
Portfolio with projects for iOS / Android for the past 2 years
More than 3 years experience in the game industry for mobile devices (iOS, Android, etc.)
Experience with shaders, lighting, post-processing effects in Unity3D
Knowledge of 3D graphics pipeline for mobile devices
Knowledge of Unity3D, Max / Mayа, Photoshop / other
Deep understanding of the mobile platforms and their performance optimization strategies;
Artistic taste, able to articulate one's thoughts, knowledge of design trends
Technical artist skills: setting up and maintaining the workflow of art production, Experience creating "next-gen" 3D assets from concept to in-game asset


Building, customization and optimization graphics performance in Unity
Shaders maintaining and optimization
Animation and effects customization
Graphics optimization for iOS / Android
Finalization of low-poly 3D models and textures

Candidate must supply access to an online portfolio.

What's on the table
Compensation is based on your level
Remote work or office work in Moscow (floor heights 5.5 m, Xbox, craft beer)
Top-level international team
Possible relocation to Silicon Valley
Possible option holder

If you are interested, please, contact us — Maria Babushkina maria@mybuddy.ai