Speak with Buddy to learn new words!
Build your child's vocabulary
Improve pronunciation
Learn numbers and counting
My Buddy AI is a member of KidSAFE Seal Program. We meet online safety and privacy standards for children-friendly mobile application
Educational voice assistant for kids 3–6
Buddy's Talking Flashcards (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
Buddy's Talking Flashcards (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
Developing oral vocabulary of children is vital to ensuring later academic and life success
Speak to build
your child's vocabulary
Build your child's vocabulary early. Many research studies show strong link between the vocabulary skills of children and later school and life success. Buddy helps children learn new words via conversational game that doesn't feel like school.
Speak to learn numbers
and verbal counting
Buddy + Numbers = Success! Speaking aloud is an important part of understanding and retaining the concept of numbers for kids. Buddy helps children to learn numbers 1 - 100 and use the numbers for simple verbal counting.
Talk to Improve pronunciation
Practice is the best way to improve children's pronunciation. Buddy turns practice into a game and helps your child to learn and speak confidently and distinctly.
Learn words for school
Buddy's Curriculum is designed word by word to prepare kids to begin school. Buddy tells a little story, factoid or rhyme to help your child remember and relate to the word. Next time they go to school, they'll be more prepared.
Artificial intelligence at the service of your child
Kids are natural explorers! And would an explorer be without their trusty robot sidekick? Let Buddy help your child to learn and explore a broad range of subjects via conversational games.
Designed by parents
for parents
Buddy's powers are backed by new speech processing technology specifically designed for children by our team of parent-engineers, educators and storytellers.
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